Sara McLoud is a Nashville-based artist who loves to forage in thrift stores and other people's houses for the materials she needs. She likes bright colors, is distracted by sparkly things, smells like coffee, and coos over owl statues. 
A native of Murfreesboro, TN, she studied theater and fashion at MTSU and worked for two years in theater costuming in New York City before relocating back to TN in 2008. Since then, she has worked as a freelance seamstress for local designers and an artist. 
Her current work is the bridge between sewing, quilting, and fiber art, nudged into the realm of high art by a painterly aesthetic. Her pieces are made from reused fabrics and materials, disassembled and then reconstructed into collage art, with both the function of home goods and the sensibilities of fine art. She was most recently featured in Telling Women’s Stories at Turnip Green Creative Reuse in April 2020.